Aquatic Adventure Academy


“Aquatic Adventure Academy” series consists of etchings w/deletion process and transforming a treble clef music note into a fictional character to create a female seahorse. Her form of expression is presented with the interpretation of music. With this series, the viewer will recognize the importance and impact of spirituality and nature in visual communication and examine contemporary imagery. In 2017, I started applying manual deletion technique after the print has been produced. I discovered using this self taught method to remove layers of ink build up from the surface. This allowed me to refurnish, resurface and refine the print’s undercoating in order to identify the brilliant colors and present bold stencil like patterns embedded in the etching design. I’ve furthered integrate a collage process, creating a hybrid and/or combining hand-colored processes like watercolors, colored pencils, pens, charcoal, paints, etc. to the surfaces.