Midnight Jazz Hour


“Music plays prominent role in the abstract, mixed-media drawings by Winston Harris. The artist often listens to music while he creates and uses both sound and instruments as blueprints for his work. Harris is inspired by different musical styles and a performer’s choice of song when he improvises his free-form images. The heavily applied doses of line and color speak to the power of suggested movement and visual harmony. Just as jazz music communicates primarily through melody, this artist’s messages are offered as abstract visual symbols. Each drawing vibrates to a different visual tune and offers engaging examples of spontaneous creative thought.”
Robert Hall, Smithsonian Institute

These prints represent my ideology of what American Jazz symbolizes from different perspectives. Listening to Jazz artists for inspiration, while designing series “Midnight Jazz Hour” I explored cultural concepts of Jazz. My interest is to stimulate concepts of Jazz and to question how American Jazz may look as visual sound. The viewer will be introduced to my interpretation of elements used to represent visual association. .